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JT-FCM118 Fish Deboning Machine

Short Description:

Most fish have the same basic shape and are all conical, so when taking meat, the middle bone will be removed first, leaving only the meat on both sides. Manually dissecting and harvesting meat is very labor-intensive, and it also requires skilled workers to extract meat, otherwise the output will not keep up, and it is really difficult to train a fish-killing master, the work repetition rate is high, and the practicability is small. The fish deboning machine can also be called the three-piece fish slicer . It can be used because the mechanical equipment itself is cheap, the replacement of labor is very efficient, and the meat yield is comparable to that of skilled workers. One machine can work as 30 skillful workers work at the same time, which solves the situation that the artificial output ratio is getting smaller and smaller, and improves the production efficiency.

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Product advantage

1. This machine adopts the knife belt cutting method, and the knife belt cuts three pieces along the back bone of the fish, which greatly improves the capacity. The capacity of the cutting raw materials can increase 55-80% compare with the manual cutting. The equipment adopts stainless steel and other non-metallic materials required by HACCP. Simply place the raw fish into the feeding port, and accurately slice and debone the fish along the centering system of the equipment.

2. The output is 40-60 fish per minute, suitable for semi-thawed to keep fresh. The blade is adjustable, and the belt knife can be moved according to the shape of the bone.

Applicable products: marine fish, freshwater fish and other fish equipment.

3 Put the fish that have been deboned and sliced into the conveyor belt, and the fishbone removal will be automatically completed, even for beginners, also easy to learn to manipulate. The fishbone removal rate is as high as 85%-90%, while removing the fishbone, it can ensure that the meat quality is not damaged to the greatest extent.

Main Parameters








Move Center Bone


380V 3P 0.75KW



Main features

■Automatically and accurately remove the middle bone part of the fish out.

(Our company can customize it according to customer needs, we can also provide you the center cutting of the fish, cut fish into two portions from middle)

■Rapid processing products, both to maintain product freshness, and can greatly improve the efficiency and the rate.

■Saw blade is very thin, can quickly and accurately smart products.

■Easy disassembly, easy to clean.

■Suitable for : Croaker-Yellow, Sardine, Cod fish, Dragon head fish.

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