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Single Gas Cylinder Cleaning Machine

Short Description:

The single gas cylinder cleaning machine is mainly used to clean the surface of LPG cylinders, replacing the traditional manual cleaning method. The equipment operation is carried out on the control panel, and the entire cleaning process is completed with one key operation, including the detergent spraying of the cylinder, the brushing of the dirt on the cylinder body, and the washing of the bottle body; the operation is simple and the degree of automation is high. The control parts are of good brand, accurate and reliable,there is no sanitary dead angle, there are no sharp edges and corners inside and outside the equipment, and normal operation will not harm to operators. It has good cleaning effect, does not pollute the environment.

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Equipment Introduction

The product has the advantages of small size, mobility, easy installation and connection, good effect, less water consumption and low cost, it is an ideal equipment for cylinder cleaning in LPG
filling stations and sales outlets.

Technical Parameter

Voltage: 220V
Power: ≤2KW
Efficiency: 1min/pc in standard mode
Dimensions: 920mm*680mm*1720mm
Product weight: 350kg/unit

Operation Instructions

1. Turn on the power switch, the power indicator lights up, the air pump starts to work, and the heating rod starts to heat (the cleaning agent heating temperature reaches 45 degrees and stops heating).
2. Open the product operation door and put in the cylinder to be cleaned.
3. Close the operation door, press the start button, and the program starts to run.
4. After cleaning, open the operation door and take out the cleaned cylinder.
5. Put the next cylinder to be cleaned, close the operation door (no need to press the start button again), and repeat this action after cleaning.

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