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Gas Cylinder Washing Machine

Short Description:

It is a device for cleaning the surface of liquefied gas cylinders. The water circulation system formed by the pump, valve, nozzle, pipeline, water tank and the semi-closed cover cleaning device. The nozzle is arranged in the around the cylinder, a drying device(selected), and a rinsing device with the same structure as the cleaning device. The cleaning and rinsing device are equipped with heating components in the water tank. The cylinder enters the inside of the equipment, and is automatically cleaned by high-pressure water shower and brush. It has good cleaning effect, does not pollute the environment, can be used alone, or can be connected with the filling conveying line for continuous and automatic operation.

Product Detail

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Machine Characteristics

1.Food grade 304 stainless steel
2.Centralized button control
3. Adopted reliable quality 304 stainless steel centrifugal pump, high efficiency and maximum cleaning pressure up to 0.5MPa
4.Solid 304 transmission shaft has long service life without deformation and deviation
5.Clean water source recycling, high utilization rate, reduce waste.
6.Multistage filtration can improve the service time of water , and the filter can be disassembled to clean impurities on the filter screen.
7.High pressure and industry standard sterilization water temperature, cleaning and sterilization at the same time
8.The control parts are of good brand, accurate and reliable
9. There is no sanitary dead angle
10.There are no sharp edges and corners inside and outside the equipment, and normal operation will not harm to operators.

Operation Instructions

Manual cylinder placement (vertical placement).
The first stage cleaning (hot water) is used to flush the cylinder body without dead corner
The second stage cleaning (clean water) is used to wash the cleaned cylinder body
Removal of water on cylinder surface by powerful water removal air curtain and fan.
Personnel unload cylinder and transfer it to the storage area.

Technical parameters


Treatment Efficiency

Tank volume

Cleaning water temperature

Power consumption

Maximum pressure

External size: (L*W*Hmm)


500 pcs/H

0.6cubic metre

room temperature -85℃




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