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Automatic Crate Basket Washing Machine

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The crate to be cleaned is fed into the washing machine by a stainless steel chain, and then goes through multiple processes such as detergent water, high-pressure hot water, normal temperature tap water, disinfection water, normal temperature air curtain, etc., to clean the crate, and complete sterilization and air drying at the same time. A brush is added after the hot detergent water cleaning section to brush the bottom and left and right sides of the basket to improve the cleaning effect: continuous cleaning is adopted to improve the cleaning efficiency.

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Heating Method: Electric or Steam
Material: SUS304 Stainless Steel
Control: Automatic
Application: Crates Washing Machine
Cleaning Type: High Pressure Cleaning
Washing agent: Detergent solution and hot water
Main parts: conveying system, water tank with filtration, water recirculation pumps, steam heating, spray nozzles, electrical control system. Working principal: steam is injected to water directly for heating; the spraying nozzles are used in all directions, so crates can be cleaned from different directions; there are three washing sections, 1st section by spraying detergent solution, cleaning temperature 80 degrees; 2nd section by spraying hot water, temperature 80 degrees; 3rd by normal water cleaning and meanwhile cool the crates before output; This machine is driven by chain so the machine works continuously.
Cleaning speed: adjustable to exact requirement. Plastic crate washing (cleaning) machine is used to wash the crates that contain packages for juice and other foods; It has the advantages of high automatic, washing completely, saving labor, avoiding chemicals solvents or reagents etc. Structure: Made of stainless steel, it is composed of machine body, platform, driving system, water pump, Spraying water section etc. There are several spraying parts to be chosen as well as different washing liquid in accordance with different types of crates to be washed. Use: mainly used to wash the plastic crates, for example the storage crates of milk bottle, juice bottle and beer bottles.

model capacity Steam consumption
Cold water consumption KG/H Power consumption
External size: (L*W*H)
JHW-3 300 pcs/H 250 300 9.1 700*1250*1110
JHW-6 600 pcs/H 400 450 17.2 1350*1380*1200
JHW-8 800 pcs/H 500 500 18 1650*1380*1250

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