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Vacuum Pre-cooler for Cooked Food

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Because cooked food is in the vacuum cooling mode, the heat transfer direction is conducted from the food core to the surface , so the texture quality of the food center will not be destroyed in the high temperature stage, and the cooled food will be fresher and more chewy. After the time vacuum pre-cooling reaches the preset low temperature, the vacuum box of the pre-cooler is pushed out to enter the next process: vacuum packaging.

Fresh food cooling is to strengthen the protection level on the basis of vacuum cooling. The inside of the container is extracted through three stages of water circulation pump, steam jet and heat exchanger to form a vacuum environment. In this environment, food is cooked and evaporated. Excess water, and the heat of evaporating water comes from the food itself, achieving fast and efficient energy-saving effect. Can reduce the food from high temperature to normal temperature in 3~10 minutes according to different sauce and brine ingredients, which greatly shortens the cooling time. Rapid cooling can shorten the production time, increase the output, and at the same time ensure product quality, and cool bacteria to prevent food. Secondary pollution, prolong the shelf life of food, the whole machine can be cleaned by steam.

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Cooked food vacuum pre-cooler is an ideal cooling equipment for high-temperature cooked food (such as braised products, sauce products, soups) to cool down quickly and evenly, and effectively remove harmful bacteria.

Product advantages

Fast and high quality

Fresh food cooler, fast cooling to avoid high temperature oxidation and other problems, quickly pass through the dangerous area where bacteria are easy to multiply, not only to ensure the appearance, but also to ensure the taste.

Safe bacteria control

The whole machine adopts medical-grade sanitary protection, and the internal ceiling adopts 172-degree inclination technology to prevent secondary pollution of food caused by water droplets during the cooling process. Design to avoid cross infection, protection grade IP69K.

Energy saving

Through the cooling technology of vacuum control of water boiling point, the fuselage adopts the form of integral foam insulation, which can save energy and reduce consumption better. Reducing the cooling time can shorten the production cycle, improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, and save labor costs.

Easy to clean

The whole machine can be cleaned by water, steam, foam, etc., and the whole machine cleaning is safer and more convenient.

Run smoothly

The accessories are all made of first-line brands, and the operation is more stable and the quality is guaranteed.

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