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JT-GZ Series Poultry Automatic Cutting Claw Machine

Short Description:

The main function is automatic cutting the claws which hanging in the slaughtering hook in the process of flow movement through specially design. The cutting position is accurate to ensure the qualified rate. All of the equipment made of stainless steel, with reliable performance, easy installation, continuous work and high production efficiency.

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The equipment is mainly to automatically separate the claws from the slaughtering hooks during the assembly line movement. Adopting a card position design different from other manufacturers, the cutting position is accurate and the pass rate is guaranteed. The equipment is made of stainless steel and has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient installation, strong continuous work and high production efficiency.

Our Poultry slaughtering automatic claw cutting machine, for large, medium and small chicken, duck and goose claw cutting machine, assembly line hanging poultry claw cutting saw;
Chicken, duck and goose paw automatic claw cutting machine is also called chicken and duck paw cutting and forming machine, poultry claw cutting machine, etc. With the solid and stable stainless steel base, tough claw saw blade, so that the claw work is completed stably. This is a small-sized mechanical equipment, which can be customized according to customer requirements.
Our company is equipped with service team with senior and intermediate engineering and technical personnel as the core, providing customers with services such as preliminary consultation, process layout design, installation and commissioning. The equipment can be used with products from others brand equipment, and the product performance reaches the high level, which effectively ensures the long-term stable production operation of the equipment.

Technical Parameters

Power: 0. 75KW-1.1KW
Processing capacity: 3000 pcs/h – 10000pcs/h
Dimensions (length X width X height): 800X800X1200mm

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