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Gizzard Peeling Machine

Short Description:

Chicken gizzard peeling machine is a kind of gizzard peeling equipment designed and produced by our company for all kinds of broiler processing enterprises. It is an ideal assembly line supporting equipment for the gizzard stripping operation.

The gizzard peeling machine is mainly composed of a frame, a gizzard peeling roller, a transmission part, a box, etc., all of which are made of stainless steel, which is clean, beautiful, clean and hygienic. This equipment drives the chain through a small direct-connected reducer to make the gizzard peeling rollers rotate in opposite directions to achieve the gizzard peeling requirements.

It is a small equipment specially used for processing of chickens and ducks. The machine is all made of stainless steel, with reliable performance, simple operation, flexible application and high production efficiency, especially suitable for small slaughtering line.

Product Detail

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Machine Applying

JT-BZ20 Chicken Gizzard Peeling Machine It is specially used for chicken gizzard peeling work, and the special-shaped tooth knife is driven by the motor to rotate to realize the gizzard peeling. It is an exclusive product developed in this industry.

Technical Parameters

Power: 0. 75Kw
Processing capacity: 200kg/h
Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 830x530x800 mm


The operation of this machine is simple:

1. First turn on the power supply (380V) and observe whether the motor rotates abnormally. Check that the running direction is correct, otherwise it should be re-wired。
2. After the operation is normal, it can start to work.
3. After the work is over, the chicken feed inside and outside the machine should be cleaned up to facilitate the next shift.

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