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Automatic Tray Type Weight Sorting Machine

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Machine Applying

Weight Grader is used for meat products processing, aquatic products processing, fruits and other commodities which need to be sorted by weight. It is widely used in chicken leg, wing root, chicken wing, chicken claw, breast meat, whole chicken (duck) carcass, sea cucumber, abalone, prawn, walnut and other foods. The products passed in the automatic production line are weighed and sorted dynamically. It can detect products with different weights in continuous work and classify them automatically according to the set weight level. It can also make automatic statistics and data storage for products.

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Product introduction

Rotating Tray weight Grader which is mainly used for round and oval shape materials, such as sea cucumber, avocado, lobster and so on. Mainly used in a variety of automation production flow lines to select the products by weight. Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, aquatic poultry and other industries weight sorting. Material is weighed on production line with high precision and dynamic, and classified accurately by industrial computer. It can directly replace manual weighing in order to improve production efficiency, improve accuracy and reduce labor, reduce labor intensity and realize industrial automation.

Functional characteristics of the equipment

1. Imported special dynamic weighing module is used to realize high-speed and stable measurement.
2. 7 inch or 10 inch color touch screen interface, simple operation;
3. Fully automatic selection method to avoid human errors human power;
4. Automatic zero analysis and tracking system to ensure the stability of detection;
5. Built-in temperature and noise compensation system to ensure reliable data;
6. Powerful data statistics function, recording daily detection data, can store 100 sets of product data, convenient for customers to call, and sudden power failure data will not be lost;
7. Frequency conversion speed regulation mode is adopted in the conveying system to facilitate the speed coordination between front and rear.
8. Dynamic weight compensation technology, more real and effective detection data:
9. Self-fault diagnosis and prompting function to facilitate maintenance;
10. Imported stainless steel SUS304 rack, in line with GMP and HACCP specifications;
11. Simple mechanical structure, quick disassembly, easy for cleaning and maintenance;
12. Sorting method: automatic rotating feeding tray type;
13. Data external communication interface can connect other devices in the production line (such as marking machine, jet printer, etc.) and peripheral USB interface can easily realize data export and upload.

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