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JT-TQC70 Vertical Defeathering Machine

Short Description:

Vertical defeathering machine is the main equipment in the poultry slaughtering line, suitable for the defeathering process after scalding. After the machine is defeathering, the skin of the poultry body is not damaged, and the defeathering rate is high. The equipment is all made of stainless steel, which fully meets the food hygiene standards. This series of feather removal machines can be combined in various ways to meet the needs of different production capacities, and can be used with imported equipment. Basic structure and working principle. Poultry feather removal machine is mainly composed of power transmission mechanism, water spray guide mechanism and other parts. The power transmission mechanism is mainly composed of box body, motor, belt, pulley, bearing chamber depilation disc, etc. The main function is to drive the defeathering disc to rotate.

This equipment is main equipment for broiler, duck and goose defeathering work. It is a horizontal roller structure and adopts chain drive to make the upper and lower rows of defeathering rollers rotate relative to each other, so as to remove chicken feathers. The distance between the upper and lower rows of defeathering rollers. It can be adjusted to suit the needs of different chickens and ducks.

Product Detail

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◆ Racks are all made of stainless steel
◆ Stable transmission of the work box, flexible and convenient adjustment
The lifting mechanism is flexible and convenient to adjust, and the self-locking position is reliable
The opening and closing mechanism of the box is light and flexible, and the reset is automatically centered for easy maintenance.
Flushing mechanism flushes off feathers at any time

Technical Parameters

Production capacity: 1000- 12000 pcs /h
Power: 17. 6Kw
Electrical Quantity: 8
Unhairing plate number: 48
Glue stick for each plate: 12
Overall dimensions(LxWxH): 4400x2350x2500 mm

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