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Large Capacity Spiral Precooling Machine

Short Description:

The spiral pre-cooler is designed for the main supporting equipment of large-sized poultry slaughtering lines. It is suitable as a pre-cooling equipment for chicken, duck and goose carcasses after slaughtering and evisceration, so that the deep carcass temperature can be lowered in a short time. The color of the finished carcasses is tender and lustrous, and the pre-cooled poultry carcasses are deacidified and detoxified. The screw propulsion system and the blast system make the cooling of the poultry carcasses more uniform and clean. The pre-cooling time can be customized according to customer requirements. This equipment is mainly composed of tank body, drive system, screw propulsion system, blast system, chicken (duck) system, etc. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and clean; the drive system of the machine adopts frequency converter to regulate speed, It has the advantages of accurate speed regulation and energy saving. Users can set the pre-cooling time according to the actual production.

Product Detail

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Technical Parameters

Power: 18KW
Precooling time: 35-45min (Adjustable)
Overall dimensions(LxWxH):L x 2700 x 2800mm (depends)

Working Principle

The main working principle of this equipment is to cool the water in the tank to a certain temperature through a cooling medium (usually flake ice) (usually the front section is lower than 16°C and the rear section is lower than 4°C), and the broiler (duck) carcass is propelled in a spiral. Under the action of the device, it passes through the cold water for a certain period of time from the inlet to the outlet, and the blowing system can make the broiler carcass roll continuously in the cold water to achieve uniform and clean cooling; a special separate chicken (duck) system is designed. Make the chicken (duck) more even and clean.

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