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Horizontal Claw Peeling Machine

Short Description:

Horizontal claw peeling machine, it is a small equipment specially used for claw processing of chickens and ducks. The machine is all made of stainless steel, with reliable performance, simple operation, flexible application and high production efficiency, especially suitable for small slaughtering. It is used for automatic yellow skin removal after poultry slaughter. The equipment is easy to operate and has good stability. It can well solve the net removal rate of poultry foot skin. It is an ideal choice for small food processing plants, chicken breeding plants, hotels, restaurants and individual businesses.

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JT-WTZ06 Horizontal Claw Peeling machine It is used to remove the yellow skin after the chicken feet are cut, and the spinner is driven by the motor to rotate, so that the chicken feet spirally move in the cylinder, so as to achieve the peeling requirements.

Working principle

The rapid rotation of the stainless steel main shaft drives the glue stick on the main shaft to carry out a relative spiral motion, and pushes the chicken feet to move in the cylinder.
Rotate and advance, the spindle rotates to drive the spindle glue stick
It is spirally rubbed with the glue stick on the long groove of the cylinder to realize the flapping and friction of the chicken feet, thereby removing the yellow skin on the surface of the chicken feet and realizing the yellow skin removal of the chicken feet.


1. Stainless steel structure, strong and durable.
2. Stainless steel main shaft, the rapid rotation of the main shaft drives the glue stick on the main shaft to perform relative spiral motion.
3. Stainless steel cover, free to open and close, easy to repair, maintain and clean, safe and hygienic.
4. Intelligent control box, easy to operate and long service life of the equipment.
5. Advanced bearing, high-quality motor, power guarantee.
6. Continuous chicken feet peeling, peeling clean and fast.
7. Automatic discharge and automatic waste discharge.

Our chicken feet peeling equipment has a complete set of equipment with an output of 200kg-2 tons per hour for different customers: claw scaling machine, automatic feeding elevator, horizontal peeling machine, claw cooking machine, conveying sorting machine, automatic conveying claw cutting machine, etc. Different types of drum-type chicken feet peeling machines produce 200kg-800kg. claw scaling machine is used for scalding before peeling chicken feet, and the output can reach 1000-1500 kg/hour. Heating method: steam heating or electric heating.

Technical Parameters

Power: 2. 2KW
Overall dimensions(LxWxH):1050 x 630 x 915 mm

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