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Automatic Meat Vacuum Tumbler

Short Description:

Vacuum machine in vacuum condition, using the principle of physical concussion, let the meat in roller to tum up and down within collisions between, throw, achieves the massage, pickled effect, make meat evenly absorbed pickled, improve the meat to the knot and product flexibility, through the tumbler, massage can make physical decomposed into water-soluble protein, easy be absorbed by human body, but also add material (starch, etc.) and body to achieve mutual fusion protein meat tender, taste good, export rate is high. The machine has lung respiratory function, let the product in roller inside expansion, narrowed reciprocating motion, improved the meat organization structure, enhance cut-side effect.

Automatic vacuum tumbler machine is in addition to vacuum breathing type tumbler machine characteristics outside, still have variable frequency technology function, make tumbler RPM according to process any adjustments, the machines use safer, more convenient, more energy-efficient efficient. This machine adopts stainless steel manufacturing, compact structure, roller ends all adopt spinning type sealing cap structure, the biggest increase roller inside the inferno space, make the tumbler product even effect ,the noise is small, reliable performance, use efficiency is higher.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Scope application

Use vacuum tumbler machine can get the following effect
1. Make salt in raw meat evenly in absorption
2. Enhance the adhesion, improve the meat of elastic.
3. Ensure the meat sliced shape ,prevent when slice produce broken split
4. Enhancement the juicy of the production.



JHTM -200

JHTM -500 JHTM -1000

Installed power (Kw)


      3        4

Vacuum pump Kw)


      2.1       2.8

Volume (L)


500 1000

Loading capacity (kg)


      350-500 600-800

Rotating speed (rpm)

0—10 (customer can order)

0—10 (customer can order) 0—10 (customer can order)

Vacuum (mpa)

0.01-0.1 , adjustable, meter showing

0.01-0.1 , adjustable, meter showing 0.01-0.1 , adjustable, meter showing
     Power Supply

220 AC 50 HZ

220 AC 50 HZ 220 AC 50 HZ
Speed Control


Potentiometers Potentiometers
Transmission Sprocket & Chain

0—10 (customer can order)

0—10 (customer can order) 0—10 (customer can order)

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