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Pasteurization Machine

Short Description:

For blanching or pre-cooking of fruits and vegetables. This machine is suitable for sterilization of soft packaged vegetable products, secondary sterilization of meat products after packaging at low temperature, and also suitable for sterilization of bottled food, sterilization of beverages and blanching of vegetables.

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Product Introduction

It is divided into two parts: sterilization and cooling. Through the continuous operation of the chain, the sterilized material is driven into the tank for continuous operation. It is suitable for automatic continuous pasteurization of pickles, low-temperature meat products, juice, jelly and various beverages. It can also be used for vegetables.


The pasteurization line produced by the company is made of SUS304 stainless steel. The stainless steel mesh belt has the advantages of high strength, small flexibility, not easy to deform, and easy to clean. The temperature, speed and specifications of the machine can be set according to the customer’s technological requirements. The fully automatic sterilization method makes the product specifications uniform, quickly and effectively achieves the sterilization effect, improves work efficiency, and can say goodbye to the traditional random sterilization. In this way, your products can truly achieve full automation in the sterilization and sterilization process, which can improve your product quality and save you a lot of labor costs.

Technical Parameters

Dimension: 6000× 920× 1200mm(L X W X H)
Conveyor Dimension: 800mm
Conveyor Driving Motor: 1.1 kw
Heating Power: 120KW
Water Tem: 65- 90 C (Auto Control )
Minimum Production Cap: 550kg/hour
Speed: Stepless adjustable

Note: The size and model of the equipment can be made separately according to customer requirements and output, and cleaning equipment, air drying (drying) equipment, and sterilization equipment can also be designed according to customer needs!

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