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evisceration line spare parts

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evisceration line refers to the spare parts of the assembly line composed of vent cutting machine, opener machine, evisceration machine and cropping machine.

vent cutting machine including drill unit, shaft, bearing, washer, upper and lower block, lifting unit, etc.,

product details

evisceration machine spare parts including evisceration unit , evisceration spoon (big bird and small bird) , evisceration arm, upper block、sliding block、valve, different sleeve、different bearing,rollers, fasten parts,etc..

opener machine spare parts including ,blade guide、opening blade, Adjusting strip Back pieces, Sliding Block, Bearing Bush. . Retaining Ring.

cropping machine spare parts including bearing、spindle shaft, spindle roller, cropping tip, cropper shaft, sliding block ,driving rod, cropping complete unit , etc..

some 0ther parts. Including various nylon slider. Materials can be selected according to customer needs, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

Vent blade vent blade is an important wearing parts which produced by various slaughtering line manufacturers. It has high quality requirements. There are 4 series of such products and more than 40 forms. At the same time, it can also be customized according to customer needs, to meet the sizes of customers with various no-standard sizes. The vent blade is divided into left-hand and right-hand, and its top is divided into 4 slots, 5 slots and 6 slots. There are two types, is insert bushing and without bushing.

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