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Circular knivies

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The chicken slaughtering line uses various blades. The blades are mainly used for the opening of poultry, cutting craws, and cutting chicken wings. The functions of chicken legs, chicken portions, chicken parts , cropping tip, gizzard cropping, etc. are the parts on the chicken slaughtering line that need to be replaced regularly. We can also customize according to customer needs to meet the needs of customers with various unconventional sizes.

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Need to be divided into three categories, one is opening machine. One is cropping machine, then cut up machine. The blades has various shapes as round , strait, vent blade, oval, arrow and other special shapes. The function for cutting including, opening, breast cutting, backbone cutting, wing cutting, feet cutting, thigh cutting, tail cutting, filleting, wing tip cutting, wishbone cutting etc..

Our company can provide different types of blades according to customer equipment manufacturers and equipment models. All kinds of blades used in various Chinese poultry slaughtering equipment and equipment of other famous brands, A variety of different cutting, chopping, opener blades, separating, as well as

blades for chicken slaughtering, breasts cutting, wing cutting and thighs cutting.

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