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Various spare parts for various production lines, including nylon bearing chamber assemblies for defeathering machines, various aluminum and stainless steel belt shafts, various hangers, nylon sliders, plastic chains, nylon gears, and more.

Our company has a complete range of different parts, which can meet the different equipment needs of poultry slaughtering manufacturers. Our company can customize it according to customer needs.

Production details

The parts of the famous brand machine in China, are specially used for the professional using on the all slaughtering machines.

Available all the spare parts are specially used for the slaughtering machines produced by Chinese machine.

Some other accessories for gizzard harvester machine, chicken feet machine. These include copper bushing, gears, sprockets, motors, gizzard stripping shafts, bearing housings, cover plates, chains, water seal bearing housings and more.

Various accessories for scalding tank including fans, reverse water assemblies, universal joints, water seals, impellers, and so on.

Our company also can provide Labor protection supplies, such as gloves, gum boots, apron, uniforms,

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