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Defeathering machine spare parts – 2

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The defeathering machine is divided into an automatic assembly line A-shaped vertical defeathering machine (rough defeathering or fine defeathering) and a horizontal defeathering machine for stand-alone operation. Vertical defeathering machine and seven-roller defeathering machine. During the use of frequency solution, a large number of parts need to be replaced in time. These include the bearing assembly of the defeathering machine, the defeathering machine disc, the defeathering machine finger, the glue stick gun, and the motor. And belts, etc., the bearing assembly includes bearing seat, shaft, pulley, bearing, sealing ring, etc.

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The bearing housing is divided into aluminum, cast iron, nylon according to material.

The defeathering machine disc is made of stainless steel, aluminum, and plastic according to the material. According to the shape, it is divided into six holes, eight holes, and twelve holes for picking up holes.

The pulley is made of aluminum, cast iron and nylon according to the material, and is equipped with flat pulley, synchronous pulley and double V pulley according to the shape. The material of the defeathering finger is rubber and beef tendon. According to the different types of machines, the defeathering is chicken feather or duck feather, rough defeathering or fine defeathering. The type of defeathering finger is different.

The drive belt is matched with the pulley, and the shape is also divided into a flat belt, a synchronous belt, and a double V belt.

The models of bearing assemblies produced by different countries and manufacturers are different, so there are more than a dozen models of bearing assemblies, and they are changed and adjusted every year. Customers should choose the form according to the equipment they use, for matching bearing assembly. Our company has strong strength in this area, and can provide our customers with the bearing assembly of the type of defeathering machine and a series of accessories for all defeathering machines.

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