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over head conveyor line spare parts

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Poultry slaughtering line series spare parts include T track, rollers, T track lugs. chains, shackles, driving unit, driving gear, rims, corner wheels, T track tensioner, T track bend, etc. The T track is divided into T track, Tube track, material sus304. The up and down and the T track lugs are used in conjunction with it. And the Trolley is a component that is regularly replaced on the assembly line.

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Trolley's frames are available in POM, nylon and stainless steel by material. According to the shape with T track trolley and tube track trolley. There are a variety of color packs for trolley's rollers for customers to choose from. The trolley models used by each country and manufacturer are different. Our company can basically meet the above requirements, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Chains has sus 301, manganese steel sus 201, and the connecting link used for the connecting the chains is sus304.

Shackles are divided into SUS304.POM.Nylon according to the material. According to different parts of the chicken slaughtering line, it is divided into Defeathering shackles, Eviscerating shackles, Air chilling shackles, portioning shackles, Weighing shackles, Cut up shackles etc.. Our company can provide shackles commonly used by different manufacturers. For some of the less commonly used and fine-tuned products that can be customized every year.

The Driving unit includes Driving gear, Driving rims, Reducer motor, VFD. Corner wheels include Curves, wheels. Corner bends. There are U curve and 180 degrees according to the angle.

T track bend is available in galvanized steel and stainless steel according to the material. Corner wheel types are 285, 385, and 485.

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