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Fish piece angle cutting machine

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Automatic fish angle cutting machine, with this fish cutting machine, can work with frozen fish cutting, fresh fish cutting. The customer can choose the model of the fish cutting machine according to the length of the fish to be cut, The length of the cut fish is adjustable. It is conveyed by the lower conveyor belt. Teflon or stainless steel conveyor belt to transit the fish into cutting machine. After the upper conveyor belt is pressed, it is sent to the circular knife for high-speed cutting. The cutting surface is smooth.
The cutting machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance and easy operation. The professional cutting machine has the advantages of fast efficiency, low power consumption, easy cleaning and maintenance, and good bone effect.

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Main Features

angle cutting
Put the fish in the transfer tray and cut the fish pieces in a straight line or beveling line according to the set size;
The cutting size is easy to adjust and the cutting efficiency is high;
Straight cut or bevel cut to reduce the loss of fish, and the cutting section is smooth;

Advantages of the equipment

1. It can cut fish segments of different lengths
2. Dried fish and fresh fish can be cut, dried meat, kelp and fresh meat can also be cut
3. The cut surface is smooth and no debris, high output, advanced equipment technology, can cut saury into the required size, high efficiency, high output and affordable price
4. Stainless steel material is durable and not easy to corrode and rust
5. Suitable for fishes: Mackerel, Saury, Codfish, Mackerel-Atka, Perch, etc.

Technical Parameters

Angle: 90-60-45-30-15.
Parameter: Material: SUS304 Power: 1. 1KW, 380V 3P
Capacity: 60-120pcs/min Size: 2200x800x1100mmWeight: 200KG

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