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Seafood Grading machine

Short Description:

The whole machine is made of sus304 stainless steel material, which conforms to the industry standard of food processing equipment, which is convenient for cleaning after work. Machine is to sort shrimps in 6 grades. Its working principle is to sort shrimps as 4-6 sizes through their diameter, by machine adjusting the distance of rollers. Compared with picking shrimps artificially, machine can improve productivity of 98% and reduce labor costs. This equipment mainly consists of a driving device, a transmission drum, a conveyer belt, a groove type upper supporting roller, a lower supporting roller, a rack, a sweeper, a tension device, a turnabout drum, a guide chute, an electric control device, etc. The conveyer belt winds about the transmission drum and the turnabout drum in the tail part to form an annular sealing belt. The tension device enables the conveyer belt to have sufficient tensile force. During working, the transmission drum is driven by a speed reducer to drive the conveyer belt through a tooth profile, thus the materials enter from a feeding device to move along with the conveyer belt, and they reach the discharge port via a certain distance to shift to the next process.

Product Detail

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This machine is composed of three parts: primary conveying, secondary conveying and grading roller group. The grading roller group is composed of at least two upper and lower thin rollers. The gap between the two rollers that can sort shrimp can be automatically completed. The whole production process from transporting to sorting shrimp greatly increases the production efficiency. This machine adopts numerical control to adjust the shrimp specifications, and it reaches the industry standard. It is an ideal processing equipment for the aquatic product processing industry.

Suitable for: grading of different specifications such as headed shrimp, headless shrimp, and cooked shrimp. This machine can be used to variety of fresh seafood. Can sort and collect the different products automatically according to the production size grade.


Mainly used for sorting. Can sort and collect the different sizes
products automatically grading according to the production size grade.

Main Features

1.Stainless steel 304 frame, in line with GMP and HACCP specifications
2.Simple operation
3.Automatic sorting, precise and effective grading
4. Conveyor system adopts frequency control mode to facilitate the speed before and after
5. Size Range length≤350mm*width≤200mmWeight range250-400g
Sorting grade 8 ,Grading Testing precision ≤±2g

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