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Meat Thawing Machine

Short Description:

The thawing machine is used for rapid and continuous thawing of meat products and seafood. The equipment has stable performance and reliable quality, which brings huge economic benefits to users and is highly praised by users. It is an ideal high-tech meat product thawing equipment.

The material of the equipment is made of 304 stainless steel. The unique inner tank structure solves the shortcomings of legacy products and impurities that are difficult to clean, and completely improves the cleaning problem of the equipment. While ensuring product quality, it also ensures hygiene standards. The thawing machine and thawing line adopts the principle of bubble tumbling and keeps the water constant temperature, so that the product can be thawed more comprehensively in the water, thawed, and the thawing process is accelerated by the impact force of the bubbles. The frozen meat thawing machine is mainly suitable for the frozen meat of meat processing enterprises. Thawing and re-thawing also have the functions of cleaning and draining blood, which improves the quality of products, saves labor costs, and reduces production costs for enterprises.

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This meat thawing machine is widely used for automatic thawing of frozen materials of various meat products, such as chicken feet, chicken legs, chicken wings, pork (skin), beef, rabbit meat, duck meat or other frozen meat products.

Advantages of meat thawing machine

1. The equipment is made of SUS304 stainless steel, with good appearance, good structural strength, stable transportation and safe material operation.
2. Using the belt water bath thawing method, the material can be fully stirred , so that the loss of nutrients is low.
3. Automatic constant temperature, with a heating system designed to keep the water temperature at room temperature of 20 degrees to thaw, effectively avoid bacterial growth.
4. Defrosting and cleaning, efficient removal of blood bubbles in the product, to ensure the color of the product.
5. Defrost water is automatically circulated and filtered, saving 20% ​​of water.
6. The equipment adopts stainless steel chain plate for conveying, and is equipped with stainless steel scraper to realize large-capacity lifting and conveying.
7. The thawing time is adjustable by frequency conversion within 30min-90min.
8. Both sides of the conveyor belt are designed for soft edge protection, which can prevent material retention.
9. The equipment is equipped with an automatic lifting system, which can be cleaned thoroughly and is convenient and fast.

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