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Hydraulic Sausage Filling Machine

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The hydraulic filling machine is mainly composed of a frame, a material cylinder, a hopper, an oil cylinder and a hydraulic and electrical operating system. The repeated movement of the piston is controlled by the proximity switch to complete the suction and feeding, and achieve the purpose of filling. Simple operation and easy cleaning.

The hydraulic filling machine is a must-have equipment for the production of sausage products. It can fill large, medium and small sausage products with various specifications. It is suitable for filling animal casings, protein casings and nylon casings. It can make all kinds of ham sausage, meat sausage, popular sausage, red sausage, vegetable sausage, powder sausage and Taiwan roast sausage. Especially for relatively dry fillings, large pieces of meat, and better than other enema machines.

The upper part of the machine is equipped with a storage hopper and a butterfly valve, which can realize continuous filling without removing the cover, improve the work efficiency, and the filling speed is adjustable. The machine is driven by piston type hydraulic pressure. After adjusting the working pressure, under the action of the hydraulic cylinder, the material in the material cylinder is sent out through the filling pipe under the action of the piston to achieve the purpose of filling. The hopper, valve, filling pipe, material tank and outer plate of this product are all made of high-quality stainless steel.

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This machine is manufactured by machining center to ensure the precision of mechanical manufacturing and quantitative precision. And adopt a special heat treatment process, fine finishing, good wearing resistance, and easy to clean.
The fully closed control system is used for accurate quantification. The error of the powder product does not exceed ±2g, and the error of the block product does not exceed ±5g. It has a vacuum system to ensure that the filling process is carried out in a vacuum state, and the vacuum degree can reach -0. 09Mpa.precision. The electronic portioning system can be adjusted from 5g-9999g, and the direct flowing capacity is 4000kg/h. It can be equipped with a convenient and quick automatic kinking device, and the kinking speed of 10-20g minced meat products can reach 280 times/min (protein casing).


Model JHZG-3000 JHZG-6000
Capacity(kg/h) 3000 6000
Quantitative accuracy (g) ±4 ±4
Material bucket volume (L) 150 280
Twist no. 1-10 (adjustable) 1-10 (adjustable)
Power source 380/50 380/50
Total power (Kw) 4 4
Work center high speed (mm) 1-1000 (adjustable) 1-1000 (adjustable)
Filling diameter(mm) 203340 203340
Weight (kg) 390 550

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