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Meat Dicing Machine

Short Description:

The dicing machine has two main actions: pushing and transporting and cutting. The pushing motion is to use the push rod to push the meat material in the cutting groove forward to the grid area, and the cutting motion is to cut the meat material into cubes.

When the front door is closed and the side pressing mechanism is completely pressed, the corresponding two inductive switches will act, the control power will be turned on, the oil pump will work, and the push rod will move forward to squeeze the meat, and the grid and cutting will start to work to cut the meat. When the push rod pushes the push block to the front, the induction switch under the push block acts, the grid and cut stop cutting, and at the same time the push rod drives the push block to quickly return to the starting point, and another induction switch under the push block acts to push The block stops in place, completes a work cycle, and feeds again, ready for the next cut.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Main Features

1. The Meat dicing machine Stainless steel body, compact structure, is practical and reasonable, it can cut the meat into dice, shred, slice, strip etc. efficiently.

2. The minimum dice size is 4mm, can achieve the cutting requirements of the different products through the adjusting system

3. It is specially designed to cut frozen meat, fresh meat, and poultry meat with bone etc.

Work Application

This machine could be used to cut frozen meat, fresh meat, and poultry products with bones.

Technical Parameter

Model                          JHQD-350                      JHQD-550

Voltage                          380V                           380V

Power                           3KW                          3.75KW

Silo size                    350*84*84mm                  120*120*500

diced size          Customized according to customer requirements

Dimensions              1400*670*1000mm             1940x980x1100mm

The hydraulic push block can be adjusted step by step or straight forward. The grid transmission speed is adjustable.

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