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Chop Mixer

Short Description:

The chop-mixer machine uses the chopping knife to rotate at a high speed, and finely chop the raw materials such as meat pieces, chopped meat, fat into meat filling or meat mince, and at the same time stir other raw materials such as water, borneol, and auxiliary materials into a uniform milky substance. The high-speed rotation of the chopper can shorten the running time, reduce the heat generation of the material, and maintain the natural color, elasticity, yield and shelf life of the meat filling.

Product Detail

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Main Features

1. The machine has low noise, high efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect.

2. The chopper is made of imported materials and processed by a special process, and the chopper is made of cast stainless steel.

3. The chopping pot is two-speed, which can be matched with the chopping and arbitrary speed, the chopping and mixing time is short, and the temperature rise of the material is small.

4. The electrical components are designed to be waterproof, with good sealing and easy cleaning.

5. Equipped with a discharger, the discharge is convenient and clean.

Scope of Application

This machine is widely used in meat, vegetables, seafood and seasonings.

Technical Parameter

Model                           JH-80                         JH-125

Voltage                         380V 50HZ                    380V 50HZ

Total power                     13.9KW                         24.8KW

Chopping speed        High speed: 3600r/min        High speed: 3600r/minLow speed: 1440r/min           Low speed: 1440r/min

Chopping speed         High speed: 15r/min         High speed: 15r/min   Low speed: 7r/min          Low speed: 7r/min

Volume                       80L                          125L

Capacity                      60kg                         90kg

Number of cuts                6                             6

Weight                     about 1100 kg             about 1500 kg

Dimensions (mm)          2100*1400*1300           2300×1550×1300

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