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Shrimp Shell Peeling Machine

Short Description:

This machine could produce the peeled shrimp, Roller peeling designing, Energy saving. Easy to operate, work automatically, touch screen and PLC control. Easy to clean. Machines are made by stainless steel, Easy to clean, could be cleaned by water directly. Water could be recycled with pump. Water saving. Food grade materials. Machines are made by 304 stainless steel. Labor saving. Capacity could be 100 kg per hour to 300 kg per hour. Depends on the sizes of shrimp.

The processing system consists of several stand-alone machines with unique functions, and is mainly used for large-scale dehulling processing of the original headless shrimp. After cleaning, separation, impurity removal, inspection and other technological processes, the final product after processing is peeled shrimp.

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Mainly used to shrimp shell peeling process, large volume, after cleaning, peeling, again cleaning, inspection process, the processed products eventually become peeled shrimp products.


The average speed of the automatic shrimp peeling production line is 30 times that of manual work, and the efficiency of shrimp peeling is high;
Better machine shelling effect is comparable to that of manual work, and the meat harvesting rate is higher.
Lower machine shelling replaces a large number of workers, reducing labor costs; machine shelling occupies a smaller area of the processing workshop, making the construction and operation costs lower;
Safer machine processing reduces the number of contact between people and food, and shortens the processing time of shrimp, which is more conducive to shrimp preservation and food safety;
More flexible. Different numbers of shellers can be turned on according to production needs, no longer troubled by insufficient recruitment in peak season and insufficient start-up in off-season, making production planning more flexible.

Main technical performance and characteristics:

1. Compared with the traditional processing method, it saves a lot of manpower, greatly improves the production efficiency, and is suitable for the processing of large quantities of shrimp;
2. The system is novel in concept, compact in design, reasonable in structure, and obtains large processing output with a small equipment footprint, which improves the utilization efficiency of the workshop;
3. Made of stainless steel, all components or materials meet HACCP hygiene requirements;
4. The system has a high degree of automation, an open structure design, is hygienic and easy to clean, and is easy to operate and maintain. It is an ideal processing equipment for modern large and medium-sized shrimp food processing enterprises.


Model no. Capacity (kg)

Raw material





JTSP-80 80 2.3X1.5X1.8 1.5
JTSP-150 150 2.3X2.1X1.8 2.2
JTSP-300 300 3.6X2.3X2.2 3.0

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