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Smoke Oven

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The preservation and flavoring of fish, cheese, sausage or meat by means of smoking is becoming increasingly popular. With this you can gently cook your smoked food over hot or cold smoke from firewood through natural smoke distribution at temperatures of 25°C to 90°C. The smoky taste that develops naturally in the fish or meat is unmistakable, the color of the food after smoking is good, and there is a fragrance after smoking, which makes people feel fragrant but not greasy and therefore so popular.

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Mainly used for sausages, hams, sausages, roast chicken, black fish, roast duck, poultry, aquatic products and other smoked products, swallowing, drying, coloring and molding at one time. The smoked food can be smoked by hanging. There are trolleys are available for hanging smoking. You can always keep an eye on the smoking progress through the large viewing window and the temperature display.


It consists of smoking chamber, heating system, smoke generator, air supply, exhaust system, air drying system, cleaning system and electrical control system. Automatic cleaning function.
Features: 1. Automatic control (it can visually display the operating status of the equipment, and the temperature is dynamically displayed). Unique design of air circulation system (effectively ensure the consistency of temperature of the product during baking, smoking, drying, cooking, etc., thus ensuring uniform coloring and beautiful color of the product)
2. The use of wood pellet smoking system and the optimized design of the non-smoking pipe of the external smoking system can effectively reduce the pollution of smoke tar to food.
3. The door is made of tempered double-layer glass (the quality of the internal products can be observed)
4. Using Japan SMC imported solenoid valve, the cylinder performance is stable and reliable
5. 4-doorS 4-carS/4-doorS 8-carS equipment can be customized according to your needs.

Technology parameters


MODEL JHXZ-50 JHXZ-100 JHXZ-200 JHXZ-250 JHXZ-500 JHXZ-750 JHXZ-100
CAPACITY 50 100 200 250 500 750 1000
POWER 2.2 2.8 4.6 6.12 10.12 14.12 18.12
MAX. MPA 0.3-0.6 0.3-0.6 0.3-0.6 0.3-0.6 0.3-0.6 0.3-0.6 0.3-0.6
MIN. MPA 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2
TEM. °c <100 <100 <100 <100 <100 <100 <100
WATER MPA 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2 0.2
TROLLEY (mm) NIL 1000*1000*1280 1000*1000*1460 1000*1030*1980 1000*1030*1980 1000*1030*1980 1000*1030*1980
DIMENSION(mm) 1200*1000*1680 1350*1200*1800 1350*1250*2700 1600*1350*3000 2500*1550*3000 3430*1510*3300 4490*1550*4000
WEIGHT(kg) 400 800 1200 1900 2600 3300 4000

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