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Vacuum Chop Mixer

Short Description:

Vacuum chop mixer is a new type of cutting and mixing machine developed by our company at the international advanced level. This machine has the characteristics of high rotating speed of cutter, good cutting and mixing effect and wide processing range. It can not only chop beef, sheep, pork and other meat, but also cut raw materials that are not easy to cut, such as skin, tendons, tendons, etc, which improves the utilization rate of raw materials. It is widely used in the deep processing of meat, vegetables and seafood.

Chopper speed is adjustable with four-speed inverter control, using the chopper action of chopper high-speed rotation, the meat and accessories are chopped into meat or meat paste, and accessories, water and meat or meat can also be chopped. Stir the meat together evenly.

The structure is elegant and beautiful, easy to clean, and the design is reasonable, which can ensure the fineness of cutting meat products, the heat is small, the cutting time is short, and the elasticity and yield of the products are improved.

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The machine adopts advanced control technology, which is safe and reliable, easy to maintain, and has complete display and control functions. The power source adopts a high-slip motor, with large pneumatic torque, high insulation and heat resistance level, and an overheat protector in the motor, which has good overload protection performance. The main shaft of the machine is imported from Sweden, Germany and other key components such as bearings and oil seals. Products, improve the mechanical properties and prolong the service life. The key components are processed by CNC machine tools to ensure the machining accuracy, with compact structure, beautiful appearance, high processing precision and excellent performance

Application scope

Vacuum chop mixer is the key equipment for the production of sausage products and meat processing .

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