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Squid Ring Cutting Machine

Short Description:

Squid ring cutting machine is made of stainless steel, which conforms to food hygiene standards. The cutting speed is very fast, the output is large, and the production efficiency is high, which greatly saves manpower. Bearings are made of GBR stainless steel, which has little wear and no rust, so that the failure rate and maintenance rate are reduced to a minimum. The blade adopts a round knife of special material, which has a good cutting effect, and the knife is very convenient to clean, easy to clean, and has no residue. The machine is easy to operate and has stable performance. It is suitable for aquatic product processing plants, meat products plants, and large-scale catering industries. It is suitable for cutting squid and cuttlefish, cutting dried tofu into strips, and cutting kidneys into strips, etc.

Product Detail

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Main Features

It can cut squid accurately, quickly and automatically process flower squid. The blade height and thickness can be adjusted according to the needs. There are two ways of straight and angle cutting.
Flower squid cutting machine, suitable for food processing plants, restaurants, high efficiency, low cost, Save labor and time, keep freshness.
Squid cutting set: can be shaped once, saving time and effort.

Production Details

The machine adopts the international advanced design, which is composed of a disc knife, a cutter stick and a movable baffle. Mainly used for slicing and slicing boneless fresh meat, poultry, fish and animal offal.

1. The conveyor belt is used for feeding and discharging. The product is neatly cut, easy to operate, and can achieve rapid product packaging.

2. The thickness of the slice can be made according to the user’s requirements, and different knife groups can be quickly replaced to meet the requirements of various specifications of the user.

3. The feeding and discharging conveyor belt and the circular blade group can be quickly disassembled and assembled, which is convenient for cleaning and meets the requirements of food hygiene.

4. The whole machine adopts waterproof design and is made of stainless steel, which can be directly washed with water.


Size: 1150L* 520W*800Hmm
Weight: 155KG  Material: SUS304  Voltage: 380V.3P
Power: 1. 5KW Capacity: 15-30 pcs/min

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